It’s the renaissance, a true rebelution

RebelVZN is an independent production company, specialising in multimedia production, cinematography and audiovisual concepts.


The company hopes to inspire a renaissance of the film industry in The Gambia, telling stories that highlight our rich cultures and traditions, while addressing and hoping to remedy various ills in our society.


RebelVZN has worked on several productions including Calabash (2006) and Darkness Under the Sun (2012), which won the Best of Alaska Award (2012) at the Alaska International Film Festival.

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Start the conversation to start change

Tradition is the glue of society, but it can also be the cause of a lot of grief. Education, effective communication, and respectful dialogue are crucial if we must break the cycle of harmful traditional practices and effect change for the better. RebelVZN is producing films to start this conversation, through reflecting people’s lives, without judging their choices.

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MÉBÉT (A Mother's Plea) tells the story of one girl’s attempt to turn the tragedies of the past into lessons for the future. It is a conversation across generations to deliver positive change.


The film showcases aspects of West-African culture to counter the negative narratives about the continent, and portray the reality of our journeys through stories of resilience and hope.