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We aim to start a conversation about a better future with our films, and the close contact with the public is very important to realise this vision. We don’t simply want to show our films; we create the space for the audience to speak up, share the opinions, and join us to identify and take action on sustainable solutions.

Host A Screening

Our screenings present a great opportunity, not only to connect with our audience, but also to showcase more diverse parts of the cultural influence behind our films.


If you are interested in showcasing our movies, we would be delighted to work with you on setting up a public screening.

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After two years of concept development, production and post-production work, it was an honour to present MÉBÉT to the Gambian public in a sold-out premiere on the 17th January 2020, at the Ebunjan Theatre.

We thank our partners STS Pictures, Linguere Communications, Studio411 and ImagenSound for the beautiful collaboration to produce this film. Our gratitude also goes to the amazing cast and crew members for their dedication to bringing this story to life, and the commitment to ensuring the production was a smooth one. Thanks to N9ne Grafix, our branding partner for working with us to create a standard and excellent brand for this film, and managing photography for our activities and events.


We appreciate the support from the team at Mboka Festival, Ms Maria Saine, and Ms Kaddy Jabbi for purchasing and providing tickets for people who may not have been able to come and see the film otherwise. We recognise the support of UNFPA The Gambia and Think Young Women, our partners during the school screenings leading to this public viewing.

Thanks to the team that put the event together, including scripting, technical and support crews, and our excellent host, Ndey Ngoneh Jeng.

Finally, we thank everyone who showed up to support us. The reviews have been excellent, and we look forward to even more feedback. Thank you for joining us, and making this night a very special one.

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Mebet Screening Gambia Jan 2020_FB (31).
Mebet Screening Gambia Jan 2020_FB (24).



Mebet Screening
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